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Óbidos, Portugal #1

Aggiornamento: 21 giu 2019

I spent a month in Portugal with @mattiabonavida. Since I'm half Portuguese and I have a house there, I decided to take this as an opportunity to visit some of the places that I've already seen during my childhood and document my trip with some photos that I'm going to show you in my blogposts, together with some informations about them. The first place that we visited is Óbidos, a beautiful, historic walled town in the centre of Portugal that can be considered as a perfect example to describe a traditional Portuguese town.

The center of the small town is full of cobbled streets and traditional painted houses perfectly preserved. The colorful facades of the houses are further embellished with many different kinds of flowers. Óbidos is considered the town of the Queens of Portugal: the first queen who had the dowry was Santa Isabella who visited it in 1282. Queen Santa Isabella totally fell in love with Óbidos and her husband Dinis immediately gave it to the queen as a present. Since then it was customary to give this beautiful village to the queens of Portugal. I never forget about this fact related with this town as my grandmother told me the beautiful story of this place the first time that I visited it, I was only 7 years old.

Within the city walls, just at the ed of 'Rua Direita', we find an imposing castle which is currently an hotel (the typical portuguese 'Pousada'). From the square at the back of the castle you can access the walk along the city walls, from here, you can admire beautiful views of the countryside surrounding Óbidos.

Óbidos is one of the best trips to start from Lisbon and is highly recommended for those visitors staying in Lisbon for more than five days. In Óbidos there are enough places of interest to fill a half day visit, and there is a regular bus service between Óbidos and Lisbon.

Have you ever visited Óbidos? Let me know what do you think about it with a comment below.

Photo by Mattia Bonavida @mattiabonavida

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