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'Ensembles - a bridge between real and unreal' a bachelor thesis by Vanessa Berlanda. 2018/19

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Faculty of Design & Art

'Ensembles - a bridge between real and unreal'  a bachelor thesis by Vanessa Berlanda is a photographic presentation created subjectively to bring the observer back to a reality without alterations.

At the base of the thesis project there is a personal curiosity about what photomontage is and how it relates to reality. The work process is characterized by a series of readings, which are not limited to texts but also include numerous images, which become points of departure or cues for practical photographic exercises. The many influences given by images and readings lead to the final photographic work, which is the result of a personal growth given by a greater awareness and understanding of what is the representation of reality in photography.

The project consists of a photographic presentation, composed of a series of images that have as their main subject elements of the environment that surrounds us. The work wants to analyze these elements taking into account the photographic composition, at the same time it aims to establish in the observer a doubt, a reflection. The daily encounter with reality, shadows, lights, fictions and ambiguous or poetic aspects of the surrounding environment have been fundamental in defining the project.
The shots taken appear, after an initial observation, to be the result of digital manipulation. The photographs on display show the viewer a reality without alterations, apart from that given by a subjective construction by the photographer.

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